I’m training at another school and want to move to BIRD Aviation, what do I do?

BIRD Aviation will assist you with the process, but we will need to get the following:

Copies of your training records

Copies of your licence

A release letter from the school you were with- sometimes the school will request that we send a letter to them asking for this. We will then need the contact details for the old school you are moving from

Foreign students will need to apply to change their Visa details.

I own an aircraft, can I train on my own plane

Yes we are more than willing to train you on your own plane. The SACAA will require a lot of documentation and need to approve the training before we can start. Contact us to get details, forms and pricing for this.

What aircraft do you train with?

this will depend on the phase of training or licence being done, but we use:

  • Piper Cherokee 160
  • Cessna 172
  • Beechcraft Travelair
  • FNPT II simulators
  • Piper colt
  • Sling II

See our Photo Gallery for Pictures of these lovely machines.

Do I write all my exams at the school?

Our test centre is approved for PPL, Night rating, radio and instructors’ exams. All other exams are done with the SACAA test centre in Midrand.

Do you offer bursaries or sponsorships?

Not at all.

How do I enrol?

Foreign students

Foreign nationals wishing to enroll with BIRD aviation must do the following:

  • Obtain Student medical cover for the duration of the planned course. We recommend: momentum.co.za
  • Complete the BIRD Aviation Enrolment form and send it along with your passport copy to BIRD Aviation
  • Pay the required R20 000 deposit to BIRD Aviation. Upon receipt of this BIRD Aviation shall issue you with an acceptance letter and training approval certificates.
  • Apply for a student Visa at your local embassy
  • Upon Visa Approval, send a copy of this along with your travel dates to BIRD Aviation
  • Students from encouraged to view our international partners page to see if there is an agent in your country that can assist with the enrolment process

South Africans

  • South African nationals need only complete the enrolment form and pay a R5000 deposit

Do I get my deposit back?

Foreign students who have received Visa /enrollment confirmation documents from BIRD Aviation and cancel their course or fail to arrive will NOT receive their deposits back.

All other students will have their deposits allocated to any amounts owing at the completion of the course and any left over amounts will be paid in South African Rands to a south African bank account or Cash if necessary.

Are There Specific start dates?

Not at all. Students can start flying at any stage. Each student is given a specific training plan and as such there need not be a specified time to enroll

Can you train me to be an air hostess?

No, BIRD Aviation is only approved for Pilot training

How long does a course take?

Course duration varies greatly according to finances and individual efforts. That said however we work on the following course durations for full time students:

Full CPL course from start to finish is therefore approximately 12 months FULL TIME.

What job prospects await me with a commercial licence?

There are many career paths available to the commercial pilot. Most common choices are:

  • Flight Instructor
  • Airline pilot
  • Crop dusting
  • Charter pilot
  • Survey pilot

Will BIRD Aviation give me a job upon completion of the course?

BIRD Aviation requires pilots to be rated instructors to be considered for employment. We expect a very high standard from our instructors and therefore will not guarantee jobs to students. That said we will look at hiring students who underwent a BIRD Aviation instructors’ course ahead of those who trained elsewhere

Are the prices guaranteed?

All quotes are based on the minimum SA CAA standard. As such any repeats in lessons will result in more hours being flown. Furthermore due to the volatility in the fuel price and exchange rates we reserve the right to amend or review the quoted prices quarterly. Only students who pay their licenses in full are exempt from any increases.

Do you offer accommodation?

Yes, accommodation is offered to full time students enrolled with BIRD Aviation. Accommodation is paid in advance and is separate to flying costs. Place is limited so please contact us to confirm availability

Do you offer transport?

Yes, transport is offered at an additional charge. The transport will only do the following:

  • Pickup and drop off at OR Thambo international if PRIOR arrangements are made.
  • Pickup and drop off from BIRD aviation accommodation
  • 1 weekly trip to the aviation authority
  • 1 weekly trip to local shops
  • All other trips are to be arranged prior and billed separately.

What are the hours/days of operation?

Unless otherwise noted on our Facebook and student groups , BIRD Aviation has the following hours of operation:

Flying takes place from early till late Monday to Saturday

Office staff and recruitment agents operate Monday to Thursday 7- 17:00 and Friday 07:00 till 12:00

We are closed on Sundays


Additionally, we are closed for the following periods:

16 December

Between Christmas and new year -dates on Facebook and student groups

Easter long weekend

Office staff are not available on South African Public holidays

What are the medical requirements to fly?

Pilots are required to be medically fit to fly an aircraft. In order to get an aviation medical a person must not have any of the following:

  • Heart problems
  • Diabetes
  • Colour blindness
  • Any ailment resulting on loss of motor function or consciousness

Contrary to common belief, pilots can wear glasses.

Refer to the SACAA website for a list of approved aviation medical examiners.

We suggest students go for a medical prior to commencing flight training.

How old must I be to start flying

We can start your flight training from 16 years old. There is no maximum age for pilots subject to medical fitness.

What documents do I need to get my student pilot licence?

BIRD Aviation will assist you with the process, but we will need to get the following:

Certified copies of your ID

2 Passport Photos

Your aviation medical certificate

We will then give you the form to complete for the aviation authority and submit it to them for issuance

I want to fly but am not sure I will enjoy the experience?

Although we are more than confident you will love the thrill of flight, contact us for a short introductory flight where we will take you up and show you around before you commit

Must I pay for the full course up front?

No, full payment is not required. We however do not allow students to fly on credit. We suggest regular top ups of the account or regular scheduled payments to avoid getting grounded.

Students wishing to pay up front are free to do so and will benefit from being exempted from any increases to price for the course paid for.

Do I have to fly the same plane for all my courses?

Not at all, BIRD aviation has a wide variety of aircraft to chose from and encourages you to fly them all. Conversion to new aircraft can be done at any time however in the initial phases of training we will restrict changes until you are familiar and comfortable with the basics of flying

Contact the school on (016) 556 1007 or come visit us at our premises at Hangar 1, Baron Avenue, Vereeniging, Gauteng for assistance with enrolment.