Tailwheel training

Taildraggers or conventional undercarriage aircraft to give them their correct name are truly fun to fly. They do require a bit more attention when taking off and landing and pose a unique and fun challenge to even the most seasoned of pilots.

Having tailwheel experience is almost unanimously agreed to give you a better level of skill and mastery of an aircraft than the more modern “tricycle” style land mg gear.

BIRD Aviation offers initial tailwheel conversions on our Aviat Husky aircraft.

The course includes all ground briefings and 10 hours of flying.

As this is a skill we are building, we do insist that the course is done over as short a period as possible – ie. a few weekends rather than a few months to ensure maximum retention of the skills.
Please note that although we will do a full wheel and aircraft rating as part of the course, for insurance reasons under no circumstances can we allow solo “hire and fly” to pilots on the Husky.