Private Pilot License (PPL)

The Private pilot license is for recreational and personal flying or the first step for those in pursuit of a commercial license. It enables the holder to fly an aircraft during the day with passengers or for personal business transport. To qualify for a PPL one must:

Be at least 17 years old (training can be started at 16 on a student license)

The applicant must also have a valid class I or II medical certificate

The applicant must have a valid Restricted Radio Licence (done as part of your PPL training)

An applicant must have a valid student pilot licence (SPL), (done as part of your PPL training)

Have passed all the theoretical knowledge examinations required for the PPL syllabus.

The subjects are:

  1. Aviation Meteorology
  2. Flight Planning and Performance
  3. Navigation
  4. Aircraft technical and general
  5. Principles of Flight
  6. Radio
  7. Human Performance
  8. Air Law

Have successfully passed the flight skills test

An applicant must have a minimum of 45 hours flight time as pilot of an aeroplane, of which:

At least 25 hours must be dual flight instruction (flying with an instructor)

At least 15 hours of solo flight time of which at least 5 hours must be accumulated doing cross country flying