Commercial License

A commercial pilot licence enables the holder to fly for reward. It is this licence that makes one employable as a professional pilot. The requirements for a commercial license are:

An applicant for a CPL must be at least 18 years old.

The applicant must hold a valid class I medical certificate.

The applicant must have a valid General Radio Licence.

The applicant must produce evidence that he/she has/has had within the previous 60 months one of the following: a valid South African PPL.

Have passed all the theoretical knowledge examinations. The examinations are as follows:

  1. Aviation Meteorology
  2. Flight Planning and Performance
  3. Radio Aids and Communication
  4. General Navigation
  5. Instruments and Electronics
  6. Aircraft Technical and General
  7. Human Performance and Limitations
  8. Air Law
  9. Instrument Procedures
  10. General Radio licence exam

The applicant must hold a valid night rating.

The applicant must have completed not less than: 200 hours of flight time which may include 20 hours of instructional time in an approved simulation device.

The total flight time must include 100 hours as pilot in command.

Not less than 20 hours cross country flight time as pilot in command.

5 hours of night flying as pilot in command.

20 hours of instrument instruction time.

At least 5 hours instruction on a complex aircraft – adjustable flaps, retractable undercarriage and a variable pitch propeller or turbine engine.

The applicant must undergo the skills test for the issue of a CPL not more than 36 months after having passed all the theoretical examinations.

BIRD Aviation offers 2 options for the commercial licence. We recommend the multi engine commercial but have included pricing for the single engine commercial for those wishing to reduce costs or not requiring a twin-engine rating.