The Aerobatic course covers the basic manoeuvres that form the basis of all aerobatic manoeuvres. Students will be briefed on aerobatic procedures and rules as well as the principals involved in the manoeuvres.

Basic introductory course

The basic course will cover:

  • Full spins
  • Loops
  • Aileron rolls
  • Stall turns
  • Barrel rolls
  • Linked graduate sequence

Students will be required to compete in 1 aerobatic completion in order to validate their aerobatic rating.

Advanced course

The advanced course will cover:

  • 4 point hesitation roll
  • snap roll
  • inverted flight
  • cuban 8
  • Humpty bump
  • linked sportsman sequence

Students must hold an aerobatic rating or have complete the basic course to qualify for the advanced course