What is required to commence flight training?

In order to get started there are a few things to do:

  • A flight medical certificate is essential. You will need to go for a medical checkup at an aviation medical examiner. You will need one of the following medical classes:
    • For a Commercial pilot course- Class 1 medical
    • For a Private pilot course- Class 2 medical
    • For a microlight or Light sport- Class 3 Medical
  • A list of approved aviation doctors is available on the aviation authority website
  • We will require 2 passport/ID photos and a certified copy of your ID along with the above medical certificate to apply for your student licence
  • Flying can commence before we are issued with the student licence as you will be flying under supervision.
  • Before flying there are enrolment documents and terms to be signed at the school. This can be done on your arrival but must be completed prior to flying.