Frequently asked questions and conditions

Q: I a, already flying with a school and want to change to BIRD Aviation, what must I do?

A: Students already training with a training organisation will need to contact us directly. We will need the details of the existing school and their contact details so that we can request the transfer of your training file and logbook. We will not be able to commence training without your training file.

Q: I own an aircraft, can I train on my own plane

A;Yes we are more than willing to train you on your own plane. The SACAA will require a lot of documentation and need to approve the training before we can start. Contact us to get details , forms and pricing for this

Q How do I enrol?

A; Foreign students will need to follow these steps:

For foreign students it is imperative that full medical cover is purchased before commencing training. This can be arranged by yourself from your home country.

  • Foreign students are required to deposit a minimum of R20 000-00 into our account before being able to start flying at our school.
  • you will need to request an enrolment and indemnity form via the website contact.
  • There are no special intake dates. You may join at any time you wish provided you have paid the ‘up front’ fees and completed the enrolment and indemnity forms. Each student is taught to fly on a one-on-one basis.
  • Visa requirements – Each country has their own requirements – however, once you have proof of deposit of the initial R20 000 into our account we will provide you with a letter to the S.A. Embassy requesting that they provide you with a student visa.


Q: How long does the course take?

A:it is impossible to predict the length of time it will take for you to get your licence. Each student is different and some will find it easy to learn to fly and pass the examinations while others will find it more difficult. We suggest that you provide for one year to complete up to Commercial Licence qualification.


Q: What aircraft do you train with

A: this will depend on the phase of training or licence being done, but we use:

Piper Cherokee 160

Cessna 172

Beechcraft Travelair

FNPT II simulators

Piper colt

Sling II

See our Photo Gallery for Pictures of these lovely machines.

Q: Do I write all my exams at the school

A; Our test center is approved for PPL, Night rating, radio and instructors exams. All other exams are done with the SACAA test center in Midrand



Whilst every effort is made to ensure accurate quotations are given, the amounts quoted are based on the CAA stipulated minimums and  are subject to change from person to person

All prices quoted are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated

Students are required to pay a deposit of R20 000.00 before any confirmation letters or Visa acceptance documents will be issued

The R20 000 will not be refunded should a student opt to withdraw their application or fail to arrive for their course. Students who do arrive will have this amount credited to their flying account upon COMPLETION of their FULL course.

Amounts quoted to not cater for purchases of additional supplies or any student account withdrawals. Sponsors are to arrange non flying related funds for students separately. BIRD aviation reserves the right to charge for bank fees and admin fees should sponsors request student account withdrawals and this will be done solely at the discretion of the Director.

Students will not be allowed to fly when their account is less than R2500 in credit.

Any remaining funds after completion of the course will be paid to the student/sponsor after 30 days and will be done so in South African Rands.

Bird Aviation will charge interest on any accounts past 90 days from payment date and will retain all student files and logbooks until such time as accounts are settled.

Bird Aviation will under no circumstances allow transfers between student accounts.

The prices quoted are subject to annual inflationary increases and similarly will be affected should the fuel price change substantially.